Labneh Recipe Ideas: Easy And Delicious Ways To Enjoy This Creamy Yogurt Cheese

Labneh (Labne) Dip Recipe with Zaatar, Pomegranate, & Pistachios
Labneh (Labne) Dip Recipe with Zaatar, Pomegranate, & Pistachios from

What is Labneh?

Labneh is a popular Middle Eastern yogurt cheese that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is made by straining yogurt until it thickens and takes on a creamy, cheese-like consistency. Labneh has a tangy flavor and can be used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. It is also a great source of protein and probiotics, making it a healthy addition to any meal.

How to Make Labneh

Making labneh at home is surprisingly easy. All you need is plain yogurt, a cheesecloth or coffee filter, and a strainer. Simply place the yogurt in the cheesecloth or coffee filter, tie it up, and hang it over a bowl for several hours or overnight. The longer you let it strain, the thicker and creamier it will become. Once it has reached your desired consistency, you can season it with salt, herbs, or spices to taste.

10 Delicious Labneh Recipe Ideas

1. Labneh Dip: Mix labneh with garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil for a tangy dip that pairs perfectly with pita chips or veggies. 2. Labneh Toast: Spread labneh on toast and top with sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a healthy and satisfying breakfast or snack. 3. Labneh Salad Dressing: Whisk labneh with olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs for a creamy and flavorful salad dressing. 4. Labneh and Za’atar Flatbread: Spread labneh on homemade or store-bought flatbread and sprinkle with za’atar spice for a delicious and easy appetizer or snack. 5. Labneh and Cucumber Sandwich: Spread labneh on whole wheat bread and top with sliced cucumber, arugula, and a sprinkle of sea salt for a refreshing and healthy lunch. 6. Labneh and Honey Toast: Spread labneh on toast and drizzle with honey for a sweet and satisfying breakfast or snack. 7. Labneh and Roasted Red Pepper Dip: Puree roasted red peppers with labneh, garlic, and lemon juice for a creamy and flavorful dip that is perfect for parties or game day. 8. Labneh and Falafel Wrap: Spread labneh on a whole wheat wrap and top with falafel, hummus, and veggies for a delicious and filling meal. 9. Labneh and Berry Parfait: Layer labneh with fresh berries and granola for a healthy and satisfying breakfast or dessert. 10. Labneh and Grilled Vegetables: Serve labneh alongside grilled veggies like eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers for a healthy and flavorful side dish.


Whether you are looking for a healthy and flavorful snack or a new way to jazz up your favorite dishes, labneh is a versatile and delicious ingredient that is worth trying. With these easy and delicious recipe ideas, you can enjoy the creamy and tangy goodness of labneh in a variety of ways. So go ahead and give it a try – your taste buds will thank you!

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